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Looking for something specific:

For Writers
Interested in tips and knowledge about all things writing related this is the one stop shop for you!

A place to expand your vocabulary and find out about obscure words that you never would have thought existed.

Writing Prompts
Having trouble coming up with inspiration for that next novel, short story, flash piece? Here are the prompts that I am working on that might spark something in your creativity center. (I will try to update this with a new one once a week.)

Book Reviews
On occasion I will write a book review. Most of these books are fantasy, but if you are interested this is the spot.


My Book Rating is as follows:

Life Changer– A book that will blow your mind with its incredibleness. You will never look at another book again the same way. (I won’t give many this rating.)

Top 10er – A book that was great and you should really read. It might not change your outlook on the world but you will definitely not be able to put it down.

Popcorn – It won’t be found in my top ten books nor likely in my top twenty. However, it was entertaining and was worth the pick up when bored.

Paper Weight– Books that I was completely apathetic towards. They weren’t good nor bad. They were nothing.

Time Sucker – These books make you regret them after you read it. You get to the end and wish you could get back the time you spent reading it.

Spawn of Hell! – These books are hell on wheels. They are terrible, I not only wish I could get the time back reading it. I wish the book could burn it was so bad. (As with Life Changer, I won’t likely rate many as this.)



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